Scott Johnson

Rotary Club of South Bend
South Bend, IN

Scott Johnson is the Director of Purpose and Passion and Partner at the Healy Group. He lives by a 4-sided philosophy called the Healy Spirit, which includes, Love Wins, Make it a Great Day, Do the Right Thing, and Be Better.  SJ is the author of the “Insurance Caffeine”, a free risk Ezine that features commercial and personal insurance related topics. It’s your monthly double espresso, extra whip with sprinkles SHOT to your risk management program. SJ is the father of three of the most amazing young adults on the planet. He guarantees each will change the world. SJ’s Moto “I give value first. I help other people. I establish long term business relationships with everyone based on mutual trust and respect. I strive to be the best at what I love to do. I am a free spirit and not easily defined because I am constantly growing. I always fight for the underdog. I have fun and I do that every day.